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Books are a fantastic way to begin your journey of preparedness and take you to a new level of readiness.    Our shop has a core set of books that cover the four major tiers of readiness.

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We Finally Did It – The Journey Begins

It's been a lifelong dream to turn a love of outdoors, adventures, gear, gadgets, family, and fun into something we can focus on full time and combine all of those elements.  Journey Prepper is the culmination of years of trying to answer the 'what do we want to do when we grow up' question. Why specifically did we choose the prepping focus?  Well, we have years of experience in Military Service, Military Intelligence, Scouting, computers/software,  raising a family, and having fun.   All of those things have taught us

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Today, more than any other time in our history, the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” rings true. We started Journey Prepper because we believe that you can be, and should be, ready for anything using a sensible approach and great gear. We encourage you to begin your journey via book knowledge, everday carry items, or planning for your specific scenarios (like weather, power outages, or terrorism). We don’t believe in paranoia, but we do believe in preparedness. Whether you’re simply driving hours away to college, going on a hike, or expecting the worst, we are here to help you feel the peace of mind that comes in knowing that you’re prepared and ready for anything.
Journey Prepper Staff