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The Journey Prepper Staff is here to support all of your preparedness and readiness needs. We hope you find what you're looking for here. We also hope you enjoy your own personal journey to be ready for the scenarios you want to have covered in your life.

Making Fire: The Hand Drill

By | 2016-12-18T22:13:33+00:00 April 25th, 2016|Survival, Videos|

For most people, making fire with a bow drill or hand drill is one of the most challenging ways of starting a fire.  For first timers the technique seems to create so many questions, with lots of blisters or no-fire situations, and general frustration often occurs.  In this video featuring Alan Kay of the survival TV series 'Alone' he explains in a calm, easy to understand way, how you can add this technique to your personal skill set.   While we support knowing this skill we still highly recommend a good FireSteel to make sure you have fire even in conditions where this technique may not be availalble to you. The Alone TV show is on the History Channel

Meet Journey Man – Our Logo

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 26th, 2016|Journey Prepper, Uncategorized|

Journey Man is an Inukshuk (e-nook-shook) which is a traditional stone beacon usually made of piled stones on some prominent point or hill as a guide to travelers and hunters, or to give other information about game or directions.   These "inukshuk" have been made by Innuit for 10,000 years or more and are found from Alaska to Greenland.  They are especially found in areas with few natural landmarks to guide the way.   The idea that these structures have been helping people find their way for centuries really resonated with us.  Not only has it been used to show the way, but it's an important cultural symbol for the Inuit.  We respect the Innuit for their resourcefulness, toughness, and preparedness that's required for the many

Level 4: Advanced Preparedness

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 7th, 2016|Gear, Levels, News, Prepping|

In our prior posts on different levels of prepping, (Level 1 - Everyday Preparedness, Level 2 - Scenario Preparedness, and Level 3 - Journeyman Prepper)  we talked about the two most common ways people approach their own preparedness and then looked at their growth into becoming a Journeyman Prepper.  While many millions of people fall into the first two, and even into Level 3, you might expect that far fewer people would be considered the Advanced Level of preparedness.  Considering there is an estimated 3.5-4million people in the US as of Jan 2016 calling themselves "prepper" or "survivalist" even a modest subset of that group is a significant number of people heavily and actively learning, stocking, practicing, honing,

Overview: Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Off Grid Power System with Solar

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 7th, 2016|Gear, Prepping, Reviews|

There's a lot of interest in the prepper community about the Goal Zero Yeti Off Grid Power System.  We're big fans of solar solutions of many types, but we also know there are applications for standard generators as well.  Given the interest in this product we thought we'd pop this in the Journey Blog for you. Here's the video overview from the guys at GizmoChat.  Enjoy!

Level 3: The Journeyman Prepper

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 7th, 2016|Gear, Levels, News, Prepping|

In our prior posts on different levels of prepping, (Level 1 - Everyday Preparedness, and Level 2 - Scenario Preparedness) we talked about the two most common ways people approach their own preparedness and subsequently how that most often leads them to look at other areas in their life they want to shore up to be ready for anything.   In the post we talk about the most common outcome of the journey and that's (not surprisingly) what we call The Journeyman Prepper.  We like to think of this as a sensible, mature, approach to preparedness, sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and the level we hope everyone attains in their life.   What you see happening at this level is

Level 2: Preparing for Specific Scenarios

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 7th, 2016|Gear, News, Prepping|

In our post on the beginning level or prepping:  Level 1: Everyday Preparedness we talked about the most common entry point most people start when they're just beginning to adopt a more prepared philosophy about life.  However, Scenario Prepping is also an extremely common starting point as well.  In this case a person wants to know that if one (or more) specific scenarios were to happen, they would want safeguards in place to help them navigate through it.  Often these scenarios are regional such as earthquakes in the western part of the USA,  hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, or blizzard conditions in mountains or northern climates.  They may also be related to the after affects that

Level 1: Everyday Preparedness

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 March 7th, 2016|Gear, News, Prepping|

We know that being prepared (or prepping) doesn't just come natural to many people.  It starts out as an idea, then you look into and get overwhelmed, and it sort of fades.  However, once you've planted that seed it keeps coming back around in your mind- "I really should do something about being ready for __________" or "Oh man, we dodged that scenario again, but we're gonna run out of chances.".    So we suggest that it's best not to eat the ham in bites instead of the whole.  The way we like to think about it is in levels.  We believe you can start your prepping journey at the first level and then work you way over time

We Finally Did It – The Journey Begins

By | 2016-10-29T21:33:41+00:00 February 27th, 2016|History|

It's been a lifelong dream to turn a love of outdoors, adventures, gear, gadgets, family, and fun into something we can focus on full time and combine all of those elements.  Journey Prepper is the culmination of years of trying to answer the 'what do we want to do when we grow up' question. Why specifically did we choose the prepping focus?  Well, we have years of experience in Military Service, Military Intelligence, Scouting, computers/software,  raising a family, and having fun.   All of those things have taught us that safety of self and family always comes first in everything that we do, whether it be waking up and commuting to work, diving in the Bahamas, or canoeing in the