>>We Finally Did It – The Journey Begins

We Finally Did It – The Journey Begins

It’s been a lifelong dream to turn a love of outdoors, adventures, gear, gadgets, family, and fun into something we can focus on full time and combine all of those elements.  Journey Prepper is the culmination of years of trying to answer the ‘what do we want to do when we grow up’ question.

Why specifically did we choose the prepping focus?  Well, we have years of experience in Military Service, Military Intelligence, Scouting, computers/software,  raising a family, and having fun.   All of those things have taught us that safety of self and family always comes first in everything that we do, whether it be waking up and commuting to work, diving in the Bahamas, or canoeing in the Canadian wilderness.    Being prepared is a combination of a state of mind and taking action.  All people prepare.  They prepare every day, in a variety of approaches, for a variety of reasons.  We, like an increasing number of people in society, recognize that there are factors causing us to more actively approach this concept of preparedness.  We also realized it wasn’t a chore but it was really fun, made a lot of sense, and ultimately the right thing to do.

Everyone sees the events in our world (whether it be weather, social, economic, terrorism, or basic safety and stresses of daily life) that caused us to recognize that life is more complex than in days gone by to simply go through it without a plan.   Recognizing this complexity in our own lives, and in our friends and extended families lives, made us realize that it’s an important thing not just for us, but for everyone.

That’s why we created Journey Prepper.  Life’s a journey and so is the road to being prepared along the way.  We aren’t saying to prep because the world is about to end, but we recognize that on some level that is a possible scenario people can, and do, prepare for.   We are saying that everyone should take a look at where they are in life, assess what’s needed for you to be happy and comfortable with some degree of readiness, and prepare for that.  It would be your first step on what we’ve learned (and continue to learn) about the journey to being prepared for life.   We would love to be here to help you learn, grow, and gear up so that you feel safer and more secure.

We think that everyone falls into 4 basic levels as it relates to their individual journey:

Everyday Preparedness

The things you do everyday that need to be covered for you to feel prepared for the most likely to occur events.

  • Where are my keys?
  • Do I have phone power?
  • What if I break down?
  • What if I’m caught on the highway in a blizzard?

Specific Scenarios

  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Blizzards
  • Floods
  • Power outages
  • Lost in the woods.
  • Stranded in a boat.
  • Building fire.

Journeyman Prepper

Slightly more advanced, but an affordable, sensible, attainable approach for most people.

  • 48hour – 1 week of long term storage food.
  • Backup power sources.
  • Growing your own small garden.
  • Water purification and/or storage.
  • First aid supplies (more advanced than the basics)
  • Planning for leaving the house due to an event, or staying in.
  • Monitoring your home.
  • Learning basic survival skills.
  • Having more advanced and targeted gear.

Advanced Preparedness

  • Very long term food stores
  • Defending your place
  • Survival Skills
  • Reference library that covers skills, medical knowledge, survival, and sustainability.
  • Storage
  • Sheltering
  • Caching (hiding your stuff from others)

Like we’ve said in our introduction we know that when you read your first few blogs or books that things can be overwhelming.  We hope to make it less so.  People can prepare regardless of their income levels, or geography.  City apartment dwellers can be prepared and not need to believe that it only applies to someone with 40 acres in the off grid lands of our country.   If anything, urban dwellers have the most reason to prepare for scenarios that are truly more likely to occur to them (and more often) than those things that may affect the off gridder.

Thanks for taking the journey with us!

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