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Level 1: Everyday Preparedness

We know that being prepared (or prepping) doesn’t just come natural to many people.  It starts out as an idea, then you look into and get overwhelmed, and it sort of fades.  However, once you’ve planted that seed it keeps coming back around in your mind- “I really should do something about being ready for __________” or “Oh man, we dodged that scenario again, but we’re gonna run out of chances.”.    So we suggest that it’s best not to eat the ham in bites instead of the whole.  The way we like to think about it is in levels.  We believe you can start your prepping journey at the first level and then work you way over time to be prepared for anything at the degree to which you feel the most comfortable.  It’s far better to do something, than never start and have the nagging worry forever.  One word of caution, the more you learn and think about preparedness, the more areas you want to have covered.  It’s addicting, but fun!

So let’s talk about the first level:  Everyday Preparedness

Everyday Preparedness is also known as Everyday Carry, or sometimes you’ll see it as EDC.  The things you do everyday that need to be covered for you to feel prepared for the most likely to occur events.

  • Where are my keys?
  • Do I have phone power?
  • What if I break down?
  • What if I’m caught on the highway in a blizzard?
  • What if my child has a flat or car trouble on the way to college hours away from home?
  • Where’s a tool when I need one?
  • Lights are out.
  • Are my important papers safe?
  • If I’m in an accident can I cut my seatbelt? break my window to get out?
  • etc.

For some people (I may be guilty) things like your favorite coffee mug, may be essential gear for getting through the day.  Full disclosure, my mug is part of my Everyday Preparedness gear.

Solving Everyday Preparedness is a great way to start and truly solve some issues you might encounter day in and day out.

Example Items that fit this category.

  • Roadside emergency kits
  • Multi tools / key chain tools
  • Wearable utility items
  • Key finding devices and apps
  • Flashlights, lanterns, candles
  • Bottled water
  • Seat belt cutter/window smashing tool
  • Books*
  • and more

We include books because they really get your mindset ready for everyday situations, and help you build a mental knowledge-based toolkit to get you through the day.

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