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Level 2: Preparing for Specific Scenarios

In our post on the beginning level or prepping:  Level 1: Everyday Preparedness we talked about the most common entry point most people start when they’re just beginning to adopt a more prepared philosophy about life.  However, Scenario Prepping is also an extremely common starting point as well.  In this case a person wants to know that if one (or more) specific scenarios were to happen, they would want safeguards in place to help them navigate through it.  Often these scenarios are regional such as earthquakes in the western part of the USA,  hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, or blizzard conditions in mountains or northern climates.  They may also be related to the after affects that occur as a result of those scenarios as well to include clean water supply, food, power generation, etc.   Regardless of the scenario, people who prepare in this way like to think through initial plans, equipment, contingencies/fall back plans, supplies,

Popular Scenarios include:

  • Storms
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Blizzard
  • Epidemics
  • Providing Basic First Aid

Many different products and activities can fall into this category including:

  • Planning for in-place sheltering or exit strategies (also called Bugging-Out or Bugging-In
  • Family rally plans
  • Staging equip and gear at both rally points and storage area.
  • Providing for quick access to, and safety for, important papers and data.
  • Power Generation
  • Having clean water on hand.
  • Backup non-perishable food supplies for X hours or days.  (roads wash out, impassable, etc)
  • Communications
  • Weather Radios
  • Cloud storage services in the event of total property loss.
  • Face mask for filtering dust/ash/etc.
  • Backup lighting
  • First Aid Kits/Supplies



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