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Level 3: The Journeyman Prepper

In our prior posts on different levels of prepping, (Level 1 – Everyday Preparedness, and Level 2 – Scenario Preparedness) we talked about the two most common ways people approach their own preparedness and subsequently how that most often leads them to look at other areas in their life they want to shore up to be ready for anything.   In the post we talk about the most common outcome of the journey and that’s (not surprisingly) what we call The Journeyman Prepper.  We like to think of this as a sensible, mature, approach to preparedness, sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and the level we hope everyone attains in their life.   What you see happening at this level is that the more people know, the more they start looking at ways to maximize their skills.  This can be something like learning a new skill like gardening or canning can help them get better food supplies, or they develop knack for making DIY tools and gadgets to support something very specific.  Or, maybe it is someone sharpening skills by practicing different things from extreme survival techniques (like trap making or matchless fire starting), or simply practicing ‘Bugging-Out” to a family rally point (a local park, shopping center parking lot, etc.) and then celebrating with ice cream for hitting time goals.  Similarly people begin looking at deliberate levels of medium range food stocks, serious water purification techniques, and perhaps take first aid training at a local YMCA.  The point being is that once people realize that putting other areas of their planning in order made them feel good and empowered, they in turn picked up knowledge along the way that made them realize they had holes in other areas of preparedness, thus they wanted those holes filled.

These areas are slightly more advanced, but an affordable, sensible, attainable approach for most people.  Note that preparing for these things may have skills and/or equipment that crossover into lower levels or more advanced levels of prepping.   These are common items or areas that you find at Level 3:

  • 48hour – 1 week of long term storage food
  • Backup power sources
  • Growing your own small garden
  • Water purification and/or storage
  • First aid supplies – more advanced than the basic kits
  • Bug-out/Bug-in Planning (staying/leaving the house due to a triggering event)
  • Monitoring your home.  Making it more secure
  • Learning basic survival skills.  Practicing those skills
  • Having more advanced and targeted gear

Many different products can fall into this category:

  • Pre-packaged Dried/Dehydrated/Freeze-Dried Foods
  • Large stocks of water (cases or a 50 gallon drum(s))
  • Seeds
  • Box or Bucket Gardens (urban capable)
  • Two-way radios
  • Solar Panels
  • Generators
  • Batteries
  • Beekeeping
  • Canning Supplies
  • Multitude of Outdoor Cooking Supplies  (wood/charcoal/propane suitable)
  • Specialized knives, tools, and axes.
  • Backpacks/Duffels
  • Motion sensors/Alerts
  • Survival Kits
  • etc.



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