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Meet Journey Man – Our Logo

Journey Man is an Inukshuk (e-nook-shook) which is a traditional stone beacon usually made of piled stones on some prominent point or hill as a guide to travelers and hunters, or to give other information about game or directions.   These “inukshuk” have been made by Innuit for 10,000 years or more and are found from Alaska to Greenland.  They are especially found in areas with few natural landmarks to guide the way.   The idea that these structures have been helping people find their way for centuries really resonated with us.  Not only has it been used to show the way, but it’s an important cultural symbol for the Inuit.  We respect the Innuit for their resourcefulness, toughness, and preparedness that’s required for the many harsh regions in which they live.

How we adopted an Inukshuk as our symbol:

As business partners and friends we have known each other since our Army days in the 1980s.   We’ve been through all of life’s extremes and challenges together.   Careers, adventure, raising families, illness, and everything in between.

Before we started our business we had been reflecting about the history of our many year friendship, and the word ‘journey’ kept coming up over and over again.  We knew that whatever we did in business the word would factor heavily in to both our past and future.

Then comes Canada.  An excursion to Montreal area of Canada introduced one of us to Inukshuk.  While looking through the various art shops along the main street the small statue caught his eye and when he inquired about its meaning, the history was explained.  So, a small inukshuk statue was purchased as a gift for the other buddy.  To this day the small statue sits on my desk reminding me that everyone has a journey and for thousands of years our ancestors have been telling us to be smart and follow the signs along the way.   We call our logo “Journey Man”, and his nickname is JP.

journey prepper inukshuk statue

“Journey Man”

The Journey Prepper Inukshuk

Some interesting Inukshuk trivia:

  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records the tallest inukshuk is 37.33 feet tall in Schomberg, Ontario, CA.
  • The rock band Rush featured a lone inukshuk on the cover of their 1996 album Test for Echo.
  • The inukshuk was used as the symbol of the Summit of the Americas because of its connotations to “guidance and unity … towards common goals.”
  • There’s a large inukshuk sculpture by David Ruben Piqtoukun in the lobby of the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • “Ilanaaq”, the inukshuk mascot logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics is located on Whistler Mountain (and featured on our homepage slideshow, photo credit: Wikipededia)
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